Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Bacho, Ash, Jason, Colby and Chuck ran in the San Diego Turkey Trot. I don't think I've ever seen it rain so hard for so long. But they all finished with smiles. Our Thanksgiving Feast was filled with all the fixins and as yummy as could be. While Bacho and Bodie hung out with the boys, I had some much needed girl time with pedicures (a must before giving birth), eyebrow waxing and finally seeing Twilight (My feelings about the movie are still a bit mixed).
It was another great family weekend.
Thank you Cami and Chuck for letting us invade your house and for all the yummy treats and breakfasts.


Jason and Ashlee said...

I wanna go back, or atleast have more time!!! I love vacations and that was a fun one. It was fun to do the girly things too.

Kate said...

Stac I can't believe your baby is due so soon! You look beautiful and I'm jealous about the pedicures. It is always so much pressure to pick the right "giving birth" color!

Jen and Shad D. said...

The turkey trot sounds fun! I was hoping to do one similiar in Boise but it was so dumb they had it the week before so we missed it. Pedicures sounds so nice! It sounds like a fun and good Thanksgiving

Zeann said...

I never had a pedicure until it was time to start surgeries last year and Deb and TaRhea took me down and I had bright orange with a spider on each big toe. It lasted until the 4th surgery I had on Thanksgiving and then some. I loved looking at the bright orange while I was so sick and everyone at the hospital recognized my feet every time I had another surgery. It was so fun now it is a necessity but I am so garish I much prefer brighter colors that I can see with or without contacts. Hope you are feeling great and I would love to see more than face shots of you. You are so beautiful. Love you