Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rise and Shout!!!!!

(We still love you Cougars. We'll get em next year)


Jason and Ashlee said...

Rise and Shout the Cougs won't be coming out this year. Maybe of the closet for Max Hall, but that is all!!!

Marny said...

Ya, next year they're ours! Your sister came up to me at Buffalo Wild Wings. I never would have recognized her so that was so nice of her to say something to me. Too bad you couldn't come watch the game. I just saw pictures of Jane's new little baby so it made me excited for you too! Let us know when baby arrives :)

Zeann said...

Yesterday at Ron's house I sat Grandma Ellis down and showed her all the blogs. She loved them. She said we are so blessed to be able to see all the little ones and it makes you feel like part of the family to see all the pictures. I am so sad they are too far past learning to use the internet. Grandpa looked for a second and then was out the door and home. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Grandma was so excited to see 15 days till baby on your blog. So was the rest of the crowd and they were all cheering for you. So not sorry the U did an incredible job against the Y but surely you and Travis will toot your horns another day. Love you