Thursday, December 4, 2008

Give Me A "T"

This boy is a Wheel Watcher.
Sesame But Wheel of Fortune.....oh yes!! Most nights around 6:00 he'll start asking for "T". He calls it "T" because they call the letter T so much. And if they don't call a T, many of the other letters rhyme with T.
Wheel of Fortune doesn't actually come on until 6:30 so we patiently wait and try to distract Bodie until 6:30.
In order to watch "T" one must have a sippy cup full of leche and the snuggle blanket from Grandma Ellis. Then you watch intently as each letter is called and clap when the contestants get a letter.
As a fellow Wheel lover, he's a boy after my own heart.


Vega Express said...

How cute. Maybe he will be a good speller for being a wheel watcher! When Pedro was about that age he loved saying "come on down you're the next contestant on the price is right" I think it was his first full strain of words. Think I watched too much TV?

Jen and Shad D. said...

Thats so funny that he likes to watch wheel of fortune! I remember when I was about 5 or 6 watching in bed with my mom in the mornings eating cinnamon toast.

Jason and Ashlee said...

That boy loves words / letters. First he's bilingual - now he is turning into the spellining bee champ of Gilbert. Whatever he is - he's so FREAKIN cute, oh I could eat him.

Heather said...

What a cutie Staci. He sounds so fun. I bet you just watch him sometimes and crack up. Kids do some of the funniest things. You never know what's in that head of theirs. So cute!!!