Monday, December 8, 2008

You Da Man, Ben

When you have a husband that's afraid of heights (it's ok Bacho, we still think you're manly), you get your friend Ben to hang your Christmas lights on the top story of your house.
Here's Ben on the ladder on the top story of the house.
You can't see me, but I'm down on the driveway dying of fear that Ben is going to fall.
Just a little higher Ben.

Rounding the corner using two ladders (What were we thinking).

Ben still hanging the lights while Bacho and Matt chat about it below (Matt's afraid of heights too).

And this is Bacho and Matt watching Ben do the dirty work.

The lights look awesome Ben. Just like I was hoping they would look.
Thank you for being our Christmas Light Man.


Kade and Heidi said...

Staci, when are you going to have this baby I can't wait to find out what "it" is!!!

Jen and Shad D. said...

Your christmas lights look really good! We havent hung lights outside our house because its so high up, we dont even have a ladder tall enough. My brother actually fell of a ladder putting christmas lights up and he shattered his foot. Im getting pretty excited to finally see a post on your blog of your new baby!

Zeann said...

Hoo-Ray for Ben !!!!! Glad someone is daring. I would have been in the house huddled in the corner with my finger ready to push 911.
Katrinas neighborhood gets together and hires a guy with a ladder truck or something and he just goes down the street and does them all. She hasn't had any for him yet though but she will as the years go by.

Such a beautiful Mom. can wait for baby to join us. New Years is a long way but it will feel better if you say it and don't make it. Love you