Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Wednesday

The smell of fresh baked bread is coming from downstairs, my sweet boy is sleeping peacefully while I tackle a little laundry, handsome Bacho spent the morning with us long enough to enjoy french toast w/bananas (actually, it was made with stale bread which is the reason for a new, fresh loaf) and later we'll be on our way for what I can only hope will be Bodie's third successful day in a row at the gym's kid's club while I give this pregnant body a little workout. I am blessed.


Lori Hopkins said...

Yumm, that bread looks so good and your breakfast sounded delish! How are you guys? Carson is a walking machine. I definately find myself holding my breath when I can see that he is about to fall but so far, no major injuries=) Sounds like Bodie and Carson have the love of dirt and bark in common. I'll be glad when that stage is over! Any new words? I can't wait for Carson to just blurt out, CAT or DOG or something! That will be so much fun!

Take care,

Marny said...

You are so domestic baking fresh bread at home. Wish I had the desire to do that :) I just started taking Garrett to the Kids Klub at the gym a couple weeks ago and so far, so good. Good luck with Bodie.

Jen and Shad said...

Banana's with french toast, sounds so good! Im going to have to try that next time :) thats really cool you've been working out while your prego to! All my friends told me their doctors said they couldnt do any exercise except walk. I think I'd go crazy, I've seen quite a few prego woman at the gym we go to so it gives me some hope that you can work out when your prego.

Zeann said...

I was bowling 3 days a week when I started out with Shayne and the Dr. said you can't quit now your pregnant. Made my score better, delivered Friday after bowling and was back the next week. Timmerie and Katrina ditto. It was fun to take babies bowling as everyone loved them so much. As they got nursery age they thought they were being punished if we stayed home from "Romper Room"