Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Up To Our Eyeballs In Messes

Here's a little sample of the mess we have going on. Contractors, Inspectors, Rain, our HOA Committee. It's a vicious circle. But....I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end when we're enjoying family, friends, grilling and fun for years to come.

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Jen and Shad said...

Good luck getting through your mess! It will definately be worth it afterwards! We know how that is, we've re-done our first 2 houses.

Vega Express said...

It will be worth it!!! You guys deserve it.

Zeann said...

Your messes are always so productive and seem to go so much faster than mine, especially this 46 year basement project. Really we wanted it done for 46 years but have only been working on it since the week before the big C hit (May of 2007). Bob just couldn't do it without me telling him where to put the stuff so now we are older and we work a while and rest a while and work a while and rest a while. We will get there. I only have 9 days of radiation left and then I will have no excuse for weak and Bob will be 73 so what's his excuse other than he is still doing concrete work 5 days a week?