Thursday, August 28, 2008


I woke up this morning to sweet boogery kisses from this cute face.

The morning continued with breakfast on the kitchen floor and Bodie sniffling and wiping his boogers on his sleeve.

Then he followed me around the house while I vacuumed.

Then he took a nap and cried and this is what I found (grapes and milk from breakfast).

After a nice bath, clean clothes and a fresh diaper Bodie played. But then I saw him playing in something on the carpet. It was everything that goes in a diaper, but wouldn't fit in his diaper because of overflow.

Another bath, clean clothes and a clean diaper followed.
Sleep tight Bodie. I hope you feel better tomorrow.


Vega Express said...

Oh those were the days!

Zeann said...

Wow sweet boogery kisses in bed. How lucky you are. Sorry about the rest of the day. In your prego state I would have been throwing up right on top of it. At least you know that bug will only hit once. You might have to deal with 10 billion others but that one is done for. Hope no one else hosted the little bugger at your house. Love you