Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Finally Done

Bodie was the perfect little napper today so I was finally able to finish it. What did you fellow readers think?????


Jason and Ashlee said...

Well.... I am so glad you finally finished so I know what you thought. Personally, I really liked the book, but I felt it had a lot of overused words and details. I felt like I knew what was going on, but the book still had two - three paragraphs descibing it. All in all - I liked the finish and now I am waiting for the movie. We will have to hava a GNO when the movie opens!!!

Staci said...

I liked it too, but not as much when it got so into the ancient people. I liked it much better when it was all about the Cullens and the Warewolves. I think I'm just a sucker for the love story part. Who cares about the fighting with the people from Italy we don't even know?
I guess I'll try to get back into The Host. But it's a toughy to get going on. Sooooo Sci-Fi.

Quinn and Ashley said...

It took you that long to get through it!!?!? I read it in 2 days.... I liked it. I was just happy and grinning after I finished it, I was glad that everything turned out. Just so you know The Host is good, after about 250 pages. I just finished that about 2 days ago. Now I just have to find something else to read!