Monday, July 7, 2008

The next day we headed over to El Yunque Rain Forest. What a fun day! We took one of the shorter trails and made it to the falls. They were gorgeous. Bacho and Jason both jumped in. Ash and I were too wimpy to get. As we started heading back up the trail (all 450 steps of it) it started pouring rain. It was refreshing and beautiful and just a blast hiking through the warm rain.
We quickly jumped back in the van and drove to Fajardo to meet up with Lucy and the kids. Lucy was kind enough to watch Bodie while the rest of us got into kayaks and kayaked down the dark channel to the bio luminescent bay where the water is filled with tiny lifeforms that give off light. The water glows in the dark. It was a great time. Especially listening to Elenia, Becky and Bryce in their kayak fighting the whole way. I think they were all a little scared, but they were good sports. Especially Elenia for paddeling the whole way. The whole experience was awesome.
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