Monday, July 7, 2008

This was our trip to Culebra island. We were supposed to take the boat over in the morning, but thanks to Bacho and I sleeping in, we were a little late. We couldn't get on the boat, so we quickly booked our flights over on a little 10 seater plane. I was the last to board and was told by the pilot to sit in the co-pilot chair. What a I thought. All was well until we came in for the landing. We were headed straight for the mountain and what sounded like panic signals were going off. My first reaction was to grab something and the only thing to grab was the pilot. I grabbed his arm while he was trying to fly the plane to safety. Oh my goodness...I could have killed us all. Luckily, our experienced pilot got us to the ground in one piece (no thanks to me). We spent a great day at the beach and took the boat back to the other side that afternoon.
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