Tuesday, June 2, 2009

He's Two!!

Our Bodie is two.

We had a little party on Saturday with lots of yummy Puerto Rican Food. We cooked for most of the morning and afternoon.

Abby helped us by hanging out on the beanbags. Bodie helped by watching Elmo in Grouchland in our room.

Thank goodness for Elmo.

We enjoyed an evening of family and friends.

Happy Birthday Bodie.
We love you so much and we're so lucky to have you for our "little guy."
Now please don't get any bigger.


kissie said...

Fun Birthday! Good luck on keeping him two forever. If you can figure out how to do that you would make millions!

Jason and Ashlee said...

Best two year old birthday party I've been to. Food was delish!!! Thanks for inviting us.

The Zemp Family said...

Happy Birthday Bodie!! That food was so stinkin good I'm still craving the yellow rice with ketchup. Thanks for letting us share that fun day!

The DeGiulio's said...

Thats so fun Bodie turned two!!! Happy Birthday Bodie! Looks like he had a fun birthday & good food.

Katrina said...

Happy Birthday Bodie!!!

Vega Express said...


Lori Hopkins said...

Happy Birthday Bodie and what a great t-shirt!

Mel said...

What a cute two year old! Loved the Puerto Rican food- it was so good even Dallin sat down and ate an entire plate, which is a small miracle in itself. Thanks for the fun times.