Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mama Needing Advice

Do any of you use baby slings? Which ones do you like?

I had one with Bodie, but he hated it and I didn't like it either. It was an Urban pouch and it was super scratchy material and I never liked the fit. Maybe it was too big.

This time around I'm thinking I might need a good sling with two little kiddos in the house. I'm thinking I'm going to need two free hands.

I've looked at peanut shells, hotslings and a few others but I'm at a loss. I don't want to buy another one that I don't use. What's your best baby sling recommendation???


Vega Express said...

Staci try this website. They sell the baby slings like the women use in Guatemala. The fabrics are more stylish on this web site. Check it out.

Matheson said...

I looked forever and really like mine but can't think of the name-
I'll look & let you know. It has a front pocket inside and out(great for little things)I think the really stretchy ones are probably the most comfortable- like those ones wrapped around a millon times but I don't think I could ever figure it out so I just got a regular baby sling- good luck.

Kate said...

I just have a pouch sling that some girl made. Charlotte liked it, Victoria hated it! I have really wanted a Moby Wrap, but I've never gotten around to getting one. Most of my friends love theirs. Mei Tai's are also really cool. I thought I'd try to make one myself, but clearly that hasn't happened either.

Lori Hopkins said...

I had a peanut shell for Carson and he didn't like it. I think he felt trapped or at least that's how he looked. We used the Baby Bjorn and loved it!