Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Treasures From Grandma and Grandpa

Up at the reunion Grandpa Ellis had me follow him outside to his garage. On the table were about 50 little barn houses with a fold able fence that fits inside. Grandpa made each and every one of them. He wanted to make sure each child had one. I had seen one before at my mom's house and I knew my grandpa made it. I was pretty bummed out that I didn't have kids when he was giving them back then. So I was so excited to see that he had made more so that Bodie could have one. He signed the bottom and put the date on it. I just can't imagine how many hours he spent making them.
Later in the weekend my Grandma took me to the back bedroom and told me to be sure to pick out a quilt for our new little one. She had several quilts made and we could choose the one we liked the best. I looked over each one several times because I couldn't make up my mind. I finally chose the perfect one. It'll be perfect whether we have a boy or a girl.

We are so lucky to come from such talented, giving people. We will treasure these things in our home for a long time to come.


Quinn and Ashley said...

Yes Treasures from Grandma and Grandpa are great. I've been waitign for years to have a baby so I could get a barn and fence for them from Grandpa. and Grandmas blankets always seem to be a favorite. It was great seeing you at the reunion. Hopefully we can all make it again next year. Tell Bacho we missed him.

Marny said...

That's such a cute idea of your grandparents. Bodie looks so cute. He is getting so big. We need to come visit sometime :)

Zeann said...

Those treasures from grandpa and grandma are so sweet and precious. When I did a gospel doctrine lesson one time about church history it showed a picture of a cabin in the book and it looked just like the little cabin so I took it and talk about a point of interest. When you say people lived in this they sit up and take notice. So good to see you and spend time with you and hear your stories. Missed Bacho. Love you

Matheson's said...

Your Grandparents are so sweet! Looks like you all had a great time at your reunion. Wish my family would be that fun. Oh- Porter had to learn to walk to get away from Kendel :) Bodie doesn't have a crazy girl chasing him so he's taking his time :) Happy Anniversary too!!