Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm a What?!?

I saw this little site and thought it would be fun to try. You type in your name to see how you're defined. I was expecting something cute or sweet, but instead this is what came up for my name:

staci --
[noun]: An alien


So I typed in Bacho's name. Here's what came up for him:

bacho --
[noun]: A poltergeist sent back in time to change the course of history forever

I guess we're meant for each other.

What's your definition? Go to http://www.quizgalaxy.com/quiz_83.html


Kate said...

kate --



Gee, thanks. I'd rather be an alien Stac.

Kate said...

Staci I am laughing my face off over here!!! HAAA! Your memory comment was the best thing ever. Oh man. Circus peanut. Ha!

Jason and Ashlee said...

Hey Stac - so I put my name in and it said I will make a living suing celebrities and Jason is a master at story telling. If you think about it- jason can make up the stories and I can sue them - I found my new career, and even more perfect - Bacho can be my lawyer. Celebs better watch there back.