Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Randy Pausch: A True Tigger

Did any of you watch Primetime last night on ABC? I've seen Randy Pausch clips here and there, but never really heard his whole story and had never listened to his, "Last Lecture." We sat down last night and watched the whole hour and let me just say, "Wow." What an inspiration. If you haven't listened, take a few minutes and listen to his speech and maybe even go to to catch the whole hour of Primetime. You'll be glad you did. Randy makes me want to be a "Tigger." And I'm sure he'll make you want to be a Tigger too.


Zeann said...

Randy Pausch is incredible. I saw a video of his last speech some time ago and picked up his book as I walked through Costco a while back. Truly an example for everyone. Love you

Vega Express said...

Wow! Where have I been? Thank you so much for telling me about Randy Pausch. I just saw the lecture and the interview too. I can't wait to have the kids see it. I got to get the book. Love you

Matheson's said...

He's a great man. We loved the lecture and the special on T.V. too.

I can't believe you're not finding out! What if it's a girl. Just think of the months you can have of getting prepared. Enough said good luck. It would drive me NUTS!