Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2 Peas In A Pod???

Mmmmm...some people say Bodie looks just like Bacho. He has taken on more of a likeness to Bacho in these past couple of weeks as his hair has grown out. I called it his "big hair" because it can get pretty curly and especially large after naptime.
Two peas in a pod?? What do ya think??


Jason and Ashlee said...

Yep... Bodie is looking a lot like Bacho these days. I still think he looks like you too.

Zeann said...

Bodie's eyes are even bigger than Bacho's. Wow !! How fun that he is a little Bacho with a Beautiful Staci polish over all. Love you

Kate said...

Oh my gosh I thought you were going to say you were having twins. I just had a small heart attack.

They look so much alike!

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes Bodie, you do look just like your daddy! But I still see a lot of you in him too. He's the perfect combo, what a handsome little guy! You've got to post some pics of his hair after his nap, I'd love to see how large it can get :)

By the way, have you found out what you're having yet or are you going to be surprised?

Jill Knotwell said...

clones! You have the one of the cutest kids.

Jill Freestone said...

Adorable pics!!

My mom says Bodie is swimming well - I'm glad it went well. My girls are doing that method and its worked wonders for them. Grandma wants to see video of him swimming.