Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feliz Navidad!!

We had a wonderful Christmas season this year… many fun activities (with not many pictures since the camera is still somewhere in the Pacific). 
 But pictures or not, we enjoyed many, many hours together enjoying this time of year.
We took a special effort this year to cut out some of the fluff and really focus on the good stuff.
The good stuff included visits to the temple lights, our Ward Christmas Party, our Ward White Christmas, the Office Party, hours of baking in the kitchen, lots of talk of Baby Jesus and the Christmas Story, trying to stay on the good list, the Performance of Feliz Navidad by the kids at their school, approximately 67 trips past Gilbert lights, nightly viewings on ABC Family Christmas and best of all: endless singing of Christmas Carols. The favorite this year...."Feed the Wooooorld."  It's not possible to count how many times we sang that one.
 We are so blessed. What a special time of year.

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