Monday, November 8, 2010

Mr. 100

I've been a blog slacker of the worst kind for many a months. But.......I couldn't let this post escape our family memories. It was, after all, simply inspiring and we are still bragging about him.

Our little engine that could completed his first (and hopefully last) 100 mile run.

Some tid-bits about the race:

* It was actually 101.4 miles
* A little less than half of those that started were able to finish
* It took him 25.5 hours to complete the 100 miles
* He fueled with Gatorade, chicken broth and Ensure. Everything else became coyote chum on the trail
* Bacho along with most other finishers were literally delirious by the last loop
* On mile 97 Bacho got a boost of some insane energy and left all 3 of his pacers in the dust
*He was left with zero blisters
* The next day he took a nap, ate a ton of food, got a massage and was walking like he hadn't just run 100 miles.
* He earned the coolest belt buckle (with a pig on it) which he will wear loud and proud for a long time.

If you were wondering what dedication, heart, determination and discipline look like........
he's right there in these photos.


Mariangel Babbel said...

Amazing! I am so proud of you Bacho!

Auburn said...

Oh girl - I love you and your hubs. You guys are fabulous in every way. You inspire the Ellingson clan to be better ;o)

Zeann said...

What a man!!! perfect for his super woman and adorable little ones. Bacho you are incredible!!!

Jan DeGiulio said...

GREAT JOB BACHO! Staci thanks for writing about it. So fun to hear about people do amazing things. NO BLISTERS? Tell me how!!! I still have HUGE Blisters and I only did 62.

Bethany said...

Hi Staci,
My name is Bethany Jackson Petersen, I am Eric and Kaye Jackson's daughter. My dad asked me to get ahold of you and when I was searching for a number I couldn't find it but i found your blog. Anyway, could you email me at My dad asked me to get in touch and I need to talk with you. Thanks.