Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ladies Doing Lady Things

This is my Abby Girl.
She's 15 months old and already seems like a little lady to me.
Abby and I get to spend every Tuesday and Thursday with each other.
Just us ladies while Bodie is spending his time at Casa de Laura brushing up on his espanol.
I never thought I'd have a daughter.
I always pictured myself with a house full of boys cooking for them and all their buddies.
We didn't find out if Abby was a boy or a girl until the day she came into this world.
I knew with all of my heart she was a boy.
We had a boy named picked out. We had boy clothes hung nicely in the closet. We had blue blankets and football burp cloths folded neatly for her.
December 12th came and the doctor held her up. "What is it," the doctor asked as she held Abby up and turned her towards us.
"It's a......it's a......girl," Bacho and I both said.
I couldn't quite wrap my head around her being a girl.
We dressed her in the one pink outfit we had just in case we were wrong.
We purchased pink blankets and flowered burp cloths.
We educated ourselves about the world of bows and headbands and flowers.
This sweet little lady has become my Abby Girl and I can't imagine life without her.
I love our Tuesdays and Thursdays together being ladies.
She was a surprise.....a very good surprise.


Lindsay Brummer said...

And she is the cutest little lady!!! How fun to have that time with just her, I am sure she loves it!

Jan DeGiulio said...

Cute picture! You are lucky to have a boy and a girls. The best of both worlds!

The DeGiulio's said...

She is getting so big and cute as a button. Girls are so fun, but then again Im a girly girl. Im looking forward to hopefully having a boy as well.

Auburn said...

and let's be honest, she's just so dANG cute! could she smile a little more, though, I'm kind of worried, because she never seems to be smiling ;o) ha ha.

Jill Freestone said...

I'm a bit biased - but we love our girls!

Zeann said...

I love that Abby girls smile. I put a picture of her on my work computer and every time it pops up someone laughs because you cannot look at her and not be happy. You are so lucky with a boy and a girl. Always give your self girl time it is the prize for dishes and laundry. Love you

Jason and Ashlee said...

We love that Abby Girl too... She is so sweet - I can't wait for Em to get a little older so they can play together.

Lisa W said...

I think I'm definitely more of a "boy mom" which is funny because I grew up with mostly sisters. But I love that I get the chance to experience girl time with my one daughter. It's a treat! Enjoy every minute!

The Jensen Family said...

Everytime I look at Abby, I think of you when you were just little with those humongous dark beautiful eyes and the oh so cute smile. Enjoy that sweet girl!

Jan DeGiulio said...

Good Times! I didn't know Brock and Layne had their baby. When did it come? So sad I missed it! Sorry for the two deleted comments! I miss spelled a bunch!