Friday, August 28, 2009


This morning I pulled out of my driveway with the two little ones buckled in the backseat and drove down the street. Two miles into our drive, it occurred to me that I was driving away from my favorite Sonic that so lovingly gives me 44 oz. of my favorite beverage (all the way full of ice) for half price ANYTIME. I debated for a moment whether I should flip a u-turn or go through my day without my favorite beverage. Going through the day without it was not an option because it's exactly 513 degrees outside and I NEED a 44oz drink all the way full of ice. I decided it would be OK, just this once, to get my beverage elsewhere.
As I rounded the next corner, I spotted the big yellow "M". We pulled in behind 6 other cars because it was exactly 12 noon and people were hungry for nuggets and burgers. I ordered my two drinks(one for me and one for Bodie) through the little speaker and then proceeded to the window to pay.

I rolled the window down, and there inside his little window with a gigantic smile was Ralph. I would guess Ralph to be somewhere in his seventies. His hands were wrinkly and his face looked like he has probably spent lots of time working outside. He wore glasses. His hair was silver and balding just a bit.

"Hi there little lady," he said still smiling.

"Hi Ralph," I answered back with a smile.

"Looks like ya have two little darlins in the back seat there," he said.

"Yes I do," I answered back.

Ralph took my two dollars and 16 cents and carefully put the bills and coins in their rightful places in the register and then he handed me my receipt. He looked right in my eyes and said,

"I really hope you have a great day!"

"I hope so too, Ralph," I said.

My experience through the drive-through today with Ralph caught me a little off-guard. I've never had a drive-through person be so kind and it took me a few minutes to process and realize his kindness.

Ralph's kindness made me want to be just as kind to the bakery man at Albertson's when I passed him a while later while getting my groceries. I payed a little extra attention to the bakery man and commented on all the yummy treats in the display case with a smile. I also tried to be just as kind to the man in the meat section. I didn't comment on all the yummy treats in the meat display case because they didn't look as yummy, but I was still extra kind to him.

Ralph doesn't know it, but his kindness was passed on today and I'll continue to think about Ralph and his gigantic smile. It made my day. And I'll continue to pass Ralph's kindness on.

And just as a little favor to me, if you ever stop at the McDonald's on Val Vista and Guadalupe and Ralph is your cashier, be extra nice to him. He deserves it.


Auburn said...

I love me some diet coke and I love it when I receive it with a SMILE!! Glad somebody else like a good ice cold drink.

Zeann said...

Bless Ralph and you for taking his goodness and spreading it around. Just reading it made me feel so good. There is kindness everywhere if we just have the right eyes on to so see it. Love you

Carrie said...

As I was reading your post I was totally picturing the cute little McD man at the Val Vista & Guad McDonalds. That one is right by my mom's house so we go there from time to time and I know exactly who you're talking about!!! You are too sweet and always look for the good in everything...I need to be more like you!! Thanks! :o)

Marianne said...

Oh my GOSH...I saw this man this week also. Kate wanted a picnic in the car and I needed a break from having sick kids in the house all week and I was so happy the rest of the day! He was so sweet and made me feel so good!!! That's hilarious!

Jason and Ashlee said...

Warm fuzzies!!! I love people like Ralph. They really do make the world a better place.

Jill Freestone said...

we'll keep it going!

Brittany Holland said...

I have been to that Mcdonalds a few times and have had that same experience with Ralph and I drove away thinking the same thing as you! We need more people in the world like Ralph! What a nice guy!

Copple's said...

I sooo know Ralph. He has been there and he talks to the kids every time they get their chicken nuggets.