Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let The Organization Continue

We're slowly making a dent in our never-ending projects.
Recently Completed:

Pantry Shelves Installed---Check
Peg Board for Tools---Check

Cubbies for Nursery painted and installed---Check

Bodie's New Room Painted---Not so much. But hopefully by week's end

Garden Planted---No. This one might never get done.
It'll be a miracle if we ever get something to eat from this sad, sad garden.


Jen and Shad D. said...

Thats a lot of projects you guys have completed. I bet its nice having shelves in your pantry. We need to put some up in our storage closet because I have to take everything out just to get to the back because its under our stairs, what a pain.

Bacho said...

Please note that all the projects have been completed thanks to my GREAT wife. Thanks, you.

Jill Knotwell said...

Look at you and all of your nesting. I am so proud of your progress!

Zeann said...

You are getting so much done maybe you should put the baby off for a bit and let the nesting continue until all is as you like it. For sure that baby is coming soon with you in the whirlwind your working in. I remember when I had Shayne I painted the hallway over the stairs hanging by my knees over the wall, dug up gardens on the south side of the house and went bowling at 1:00. At 4:00 the next morning I had a backache ??Duh?? and called the Dr. to see if he thought all that had hurt the baby. He was at the hospital around the block and said come over and he would check. I had already had about 3 showers so I put my cloths on, we drove around the block and Shayne was born in the entrance to the hospital. Frome the beginning he was never one to waste a minute with frilly stuff.

terrah said...

I'm impressed! You guys have been busy! I think it always feels so good to check chores off a list. It's good you are doing it now... I thought the first couple months of having two kids were the craziest! Maybe crazy isn't the right word, I always felt busy but never felt like I got anything tangible done.

Oh, and I've had a garden on my to-do list for 3 years now, and now we'll be moving before we get to that one. Oh well, hopefully in our next house!

Lori Hopkins said...

I think I need to get pregnant again so that I can get as organized as you! Love that nesting!

The Jensen Family said...

Looks great! If it were me I'd be saying "that's enough nesting, let's have this baby already"