Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Fever

Have you voted?
I love election years. I love all the hype leading up to it and I love voting day. I can feel the excitement of the day in the air, can't you?
Bacho and I voted with early ballots last week. It was super easy and convenient, but I feel like I'm missing out a little by not being at the poles. I want to be there with my fellow Americans to feel even more part of the day. But I didn't want to feel part of the long lines. So, I'm happy we've done our part and exercised our right to vote as citizens of this country. At least I can wear my, "I Voted Early" sticker.
Now I'll be glued to the TV to catch every scribble of the dry erase markers as the talking heads fill in the map of this country with predictions and results.
It'll be a great day!


Vega Express said...

We voted early too. People showing up to work this morning said the lines were long and they had to leave and will have to return after work. I am so excited! I will be going to Uchy's to see the results come in but first I better get some sleep . . . I work all night. Love you guys

Jason and Ashlee said...

I think you are smart to do an early ballot. Jason and I went at 5:30am and waited till 7:00 - but we voted and exercised our rights.

Zeann said...

Bob and I voted early as well but not like you we just crossed the street at 6:40 this morning and stood in line till 7:00 visited with many neighbors and were in the second batch to hit the machines. I don't know what your voting machines were like but we love ours. The day was greaat wearing my I voted sticker at work and knowing I didn't have to stand in long lines later.

And of course we couldn'y blink until the victory was over.

Sheri Packard said...

I found you again! I wasn't sure I remembered where I found you the first time! Anyway, your little guys is so cute!