Friday, September 12, 2008

Lions, Tigers and Baboons

This is the story of two little boys who went to the zoo.
Their names were Bodie and Garrett. Their mom's planned a trip to the zoo because the weather man said mostly cloudy and rain on Thursday. They drove to the zoo with sippy cups of cold water and SPF 50 in hand. When Garrett and Bodie's moms were putting them in the strollers they noticed not a cloud in the sky and felt the blazing sun. Bodie and Garrett were lathered up and off they went. It was approximately 1:21 p.m. While passing through the main gate, Bodie's mom saw a sign that said the zoo was only open until 2:00 p.m.
After one small loop around the zoo, the four were almost melted into nothing and none of them cared about any of the animals because it was too blasted hot! Approximately 39 minutes after arriving, the four strolled through the gates and made their exit.
Next time Bodie and Garrett's Moms will check the times for the zoo and will not trust the weather man on channel 12.


Jason and Ashlee said...

Sounds like a fun zoo experience - all 29 minutes of it. Technically, the weather man was right with clouds - it just came later and with a lot more dirt. Better luck next time.

Jen and Shad D. said...

Oh thats too bad the zoo closed at 2 thats a bummer, maybe next time you go the weather will be cooler. But you never know with those weather guys.

Anonymous said...

Great zoo story! I think you and Marn have learned your lesson for sure. At least the boys were hot enough that they wanted to leave too. Sometimes all you need is 29 minutes of fun to call it a day.

Heather said...

Sounds like just enough time for a fun zoo trip Staci. I bet all 4 of you were ready to leave.