Monday, August 11, 2008

We're Lovin It!

Are you watching? Do you love it? Aren't the Olympics the best!!! We went to my Mom and Dad's house for an Olympic party to kick off the games and watch the opening ceremony. How incredible was that whole ceremony? We asked each other through the entire thing, "How'd they do that??" The Chinese people did an incredible job. We watched swimming and gymnastics last night. I let out a few squeals during the girls gymnastics. They made some big mistakes, but I guess still ended in second place for now. We'll be watching all the action over the next couple of weeks. Go Team USA!!

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Vega Express said...

I've been seeing bits and pieces of the games in my pt's rooms. It has been great. Wish I had the time to just sit and enjoy them. It's so much fun to see everyones ability.