Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Playroom Decisions- Train Tables Anyone?

My favorite part of our new house is the playroom downstairs. Right now it's a giant disaster, but soon enough it'll be a fantastic playroom. I've been thinking about the way I want to set it up, and being the teacher that I am, I would love it to have little center areas around the room like a reading area, a blocks and Lego's area, an area for messes like painting and play doe. Bacho teases me that I'm going to ring the bell when the neighbor kids come over to play and make them switch centers every 10 minutes. (He's probably right :) Anyway, I've been deciding about tables. I've looked at all kinds and I'd like one that fits at least 4 kids. And then I came across these little train tables. This one has a top that removes to play inside and the top flips over to be a chalkboard. Does anyone have one of these? Is it worth getting? Should I get it in addition to another table with chairs, or could kids use this as the table and sit on the floor???


terrah said...

We just have a mini picnic table that grandpa made so far, so I'm no table expert! But I think it sounds like a great idea to have stations in your playroom. How cool!

Zeann said...

We have had the Brio Trains for about 16 years now and the kids would be way too confined on any table they use the whole family room floor by the time all the track, bridges and tunnels get together. Funny thing all our kids like to build the track and then tell each other to drive the trains. I guess they are all engineers but not the train kind. Dallas, Hilary, Shenay and Josh still get down there and build those elaborate track and Shayne, Doug, Bryan, Timmerie and Katrina will be down there as well. I can't wait to see how the votes come in on this one.

Jill Freestone said...

I agree about needing the entire room to build track -not just on a table - having more space allows creativity too. Ikea has nice cheap trains, by the way.

I definitely parent like a teacher, too! It always comes out (and its a good thing!)

Kate said...

We have one of those plastic round tables from IKEA and we absolutely love it.

That train table looks awesome!

The Jensen Family said...

We had a train table and sold it at the garage sale because like everyone said, they are not big enough. They are also a little too high to sit around but a little to short to stand around. Grandpas tables are great or any other table that has chairs for doing crafts and games. By the way, trains work best on a hard floor.
I bet your playroom will be adorable.