Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer Fun

The pool is finally warm enough to start swimming. Good thing because it was 108 degrees yesterday (Whoa!) (Luckily it's back to the 90's today and the 80's by the weekend).

After Bodie's swimming lesson yesterday, I decided to put him in our pool to see if he really just hates swimming lessons, or if he hates the water altogether. I was happy to see that it's just his lessons :) Every time he's at his lesson he screams his guts out. He's usually a very friendly little guy, but he never smiles at his teacher and cries every time she comes near him. Needless to say, he really doesn't like his lessons. But he loved getting in our pool. I'm so glad. Now we can look forward to many summer days lounging in the pool. Bring on the summer!

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