Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crying For No Reason, An Extreme Close-Up and the Home Depot Lady

This is just a little sample of our day yesterday. I was doing some work around the house and picked up the camera to snap a picture of Bodie. As soon as I pointed the camera at him, he burst into tears. But the tears lasted for 2.3 seconds and then he was all about trying to eat the camera. Talk about a little sensitive.

Later in the day we took a trip to Home Depot to pick out some paint colors. While I was searching through colors, the Home Depot lady asked Bodie if he wanted a sticker. I told her thank you, but he just eats stickers. He's not old enough to understand what they are. She smiled and turned around for her counter and came back with a giant Mickey Mouse sticker. She took it off the paper and stuck it right to his shirt. I was a little confused since I had said no thank you, but I didn't want to hurt her feeling and take the sticker off right away. So I left it on for a few minutes while I looked at colors. When I turned around, Bodie had sucked and chewed on the sticker so much that all that was left was a wet, gooey mess on his shirt. I don't know if I can get it off his shirt (and it's a really cute shirt :) I wasn't sure whether I should be more bugged at the lady for putting it on him or at myself for not saying anything when she put it on. It was one of those uncomfortable parent situations. I guess I need to be a little bolder and just say, "no really, he eats stickers." Any other suggestions?

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Kate said...

Oh that's funny about the sticker! I sometimes think that people think we "younger moms" don't really know what we're doing. (I'm glad that at 31 I still feel free to call myself a "younger mom".)